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Who do we help?

Expat Mgmt Supports with all Relocation Services in Berlin. We have solutions for all sorts of relocations. Please reach out to us if you are:

  • A company looking to relocate your business and foreign employees or new hires to Berlin
  • Berlin HR or Recruiter that requires support with on boarding expats
  • Singles, Couples, or a Family Relocating to Berlin
  • You already live in Germany and Berlin, but have relocation or immigration related query

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Welcome to Berlin!

Dein neues zu Hause.

How can we help you?

With our expertise we’ve learned to know how personal relocating to a new country can be. Our service packages can be tailored to your exact needs and situation.  Single engineer. We’ve got you covered. A family of three moving abroad for the first time, We’ve got you covered.  Are you an HR or Global Mobility professional looking to hire foreign new hires? We’ve got that covered too! We can create a package for any needs you have.


You are Berlin Expats. We are Berlin experts. We help show Expats the best neighborhoods in Berlin! Orientation is especially helpful for Expats that have never been to Berlin and want to get to know where they will be working and living.

Settling In

On-boarding for Expats can be stressful. We help make sure that Expats have: city registration (Anmeldung), bank account, health insurance, and TAX ID number. We have contacts for all common insurances as well.

Temporary Flat Service

Expats need a place to land. Booking a temporary flat will get the ball rolling in Berlin. We help with selection and booking, so that arriving to Berlin is as easy as saying "ich verstehe nur Bahnhof."

Home Search

Discussion of criteria. Research. Coordinating viewings for long term apartments. Help with handover and understanding the rental market. Berlin offers both furnished and unfurnished options.


Any relocation comes with authorities visits. We accompany you to all authorities and guide you on the process.

Child Services

Suggestions for bilingual schools and kindergartens in your area. Accompaniment to related appointments. So, that you can make an informed decision for your little treasures. We can also support with Kindergeld & Kita Voucher.

Document Procurement

We can coordinate getting new original copies and the procurement of certified, legalized, or apostiled documents.

Driver's License Conversion

We provide details on the steps and contacts to the driving school, and help submit the application for conversion at the town hall. You will be on the Autobahn in no time.

Departure Services

Berlin Expats come, and Berlin Expats go. We also offer departure services to help close your Berlin Expat chapter. We can draft letters to cancel contracts, deregistration (Abmeldung Berlin), and more.

Consultation & Tailored Packages

You aren't yet sure which services you will need support with? That's okay. You can reach out and we will schedule a consultation. We create packages based on your needs!

Notice: External legal, tax, and insurance service advisors are contacted based on client’s requests and needs.

What the expats say...

Victoria was incredibly supportive in our process of moving to Berlin. She answered questions quickly and thoroughly and made me comfortable that I knew what I needed to have and what I needed to do. She organized us getting our Anmeldung on exactly the day we needed and walked me through the process of registering my son in school, as well as completing the paperwork for the infamous Hort Gutschein. Victoria is both professional and easygoing as well as fun to be around and we look forward to having her at our housewarming party if we ever find a flat - which I'm sure she could help us with as well!
from U.S.A.
After looking for a while for a good partner to help me with getting my permanent visa in order and getting disappointed by other services in Berlin, I’ve discovered ExpatMgmt to answer for my needs without me losing precious time and losing working hours. Victoria is highly recommended, she will get you exactly what you need, she is well familiar with the foreigner's office and is very professional. She always answers with a smile and willingness to help.
from Israel
I used Expat Mgmt for the relocation of my family from the US to Berlin during the summer of 2018. Victoria was a lifesaver. She knew exactly what filings had to be done, where to submit them and when they needed to be done. She speaks fluent German so we could rely on her to complete forms for us and to discuss the particulars of our situation with the government employees. In addition to being knowledgeable about what had to be done, she was efficient and responsive. I highly recommend Expat Mgmt for your relocation needs.
from U.S.A and France

About Us

Our team Members

 Fellow Expats, Berliners, and true Relocation Experts. 

Our team has more than 10 years of expat experience. We have worked for corporate immigration and relocation providers and are classically trained in Relocation Consulting. On top of this, we have a developed network in Berlin of bureaucratic and real estate contacts that we can turn to for difficult cases. We have worked with Start Ups, Relocation Firms, and private people to find the best relocation solution in Berlin. We know the expat experience, because have lived it. We are your „Life Hack for Berlin Bureaucracy“!