About Us

Expat Mgmt has first-hand experience with moving to a new country. Our founder, Victoria Messer, is an expat herself. Victoria moved from the U.S. to Germany in 2011. Throughout her time in Germany, she has been the proud owner of seven different residence permits. A few years ago, she received her permanent residency. These bureaucratic challenges can be absolutely mind blowing. This is the very reason why Victoria started this project. We do the work so that our clients don’t have to.

Our founder also has experience working for and with some of the world’s leading immigration and relocation service providers. Victoria has worked as an immigration coordinator and specialist and later as a global assignment consultant dealing with relocation topics from start to finish. That is why, when working with Expat Mgmt, Expats and their employers, receive the most professional relocation service around.

We have supported hundreds of expats and their employers with different relocation services and we can wait to help even more throughout their transition.

We are your life hack for Berlin bureaucracy.

Your Expat Mgmt Team