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How to get an Anmeldung in Berlin?

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Anmeldung – Registering your Address in Berlin is the most important step when arriving to Berlin.  This one might be a new concept for some expats moving to Berlin. This is why working with a relocation service like Expat Mgmt can be helpful. We will make sure that you or your employees are registered in Berlin straightaway to avoid delays in other processes. DO NOT BOOK OR PAY FOR ANY APARTMENT YOU CANNOT REGISTER IN.

Everything one needs to know about Anmeldung can be found here:

An appointment can be secured at any Burgeramt throughout the city.

Required Documents

  • Passports / European or German ID Cards
  • Anmeldeform Filled In – Your Relocation Consultant will support with this.
  • Landlord’s Confirmation – Has to be requested from the landlord
  • *Marriage Certificate – Original – Depending on the Burgeramt with translation into German and depending on country Apostille.
  • *Birth Certificate for Children – Depending on the Burgeramt with translation into German and depending on country Apostille.

* = Might not be required, but can always be requested, come to your appointment prepared.

At this appointment you will received your “Amtliche Meldebestätigung für die Anmeldung”.

Why is Anmeldung important?

  • Some banks will not open an account without Anmeldung
  • Your Tax ID is generated after Anmeldung – which is important for being paid in the correct Tax Class
  • Residence Permits are usually not issued without Anmeldung

Life Hack Tip: If you move from a temporary accommodation like a service apartment or furnished apartment into a long-term accommodation you need to reregister yourself in the new address. This is called Ummeldung. Every time you move you need a new registration document! You can book an Anmeldung with Expat Mgmt today, and you won’t have to step foot in the Burgeramt! Send an e-mail to

Viel Spaß, Viel Glück & Viel Erfolg.

Du packst das schon!!!

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