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Apartment Handover Berlin

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Congratulations! You finally got a contract for your apartment rental. This is a big step.

Now you have to schedule a handover. What is a handover? What usually happens at the handover? What do we have to look out for? Those are good questions which will be answered with other information below.

What is an apartment or flat handover?

After you have signed your rental contract and received a copy of the counter signed contract, it’s time to schedule a handover. Usually, the handover takes place, after the you have paid the deposit and depending on the agency sometimes also the rent. It’s the day you get your keys, but it does not have to be the day that you move in. Processes vary per company, sometimes you get the contract after the handover. *PLEASE TRY TO VET YOUR LETTING AGNECY BEFORE PAYING DEPOSIT OR RENT* Please also read: Common Berlin Rental Market Scams.



What usually happens at the handover?

  • You meet with the agent or owner for the handover
  • The agent or owner should always have a handover protocol
  • Together you should do a walk-through of the apartment
  • It is important to write down any existing damages on the handover protocol, sometimes the person responsible for this will try to avoid writing down some damages. Try to convince them, because it’s important.
  • The contact will also write down the counter numbers for heaters, gas, electricity, and water where applicable. Expat Mgmt always takes photos of the counters as well.
  • Take pictures throughout the handover, so you know the damages and how the apartment looked before you moved in.

What do we have to look out for?

  • Make sure that damages are well protocoled on the handover document. Try to get a picture to pdf scan of your protocol at the handover
  • Make sure you last name(s) is/are on the outside bell, on your post box, and at your apartment door
  • Request the Landlord’s Confirmation before the handover and if you don’t have it at the handover, remind the responsible person again. This is required for Anmeldung.
  • Make sure you get set up with gas (if applicable) and electricity providers asap
  • Check doors, windows and appliances to make sure that they are working.
  • If anything is missing or broken, ie; electricity reading, keys, names on mailbox do not forget to follow up with the contact person to make sure these items get checked off of the to do list asap!

Life Hack

Hiring a consultant from Expat Mgmt for your Flat Search or just for your Apartment Handover, will help ensure that you are accompanied by someone who knows how a proper handover is executed. Contact us today at info@expatmgmt.com.

Viel Spaß, Viel Glück & Viel Erfolg.

Du packst das schon!!!

Your Expat Mgmt Team


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