Finding a Job in Berlin

How do expats find jobs in Berlin?

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Search for a Job in Germany

Just like other steps of relocating to Berlin can be difficult, securing the right job can also be difficult. You can find our tips for applying for jobs in Berlin below. While many Tech jobs are hired on the spot, sometimes it takes some time to get your foot in the door.

Freshen Up Your CV or Resume

As the market for expat jobs berlin is competitive, you have to take the time to make sure you stand out when apply for a job. Check out some German or European formats for your CV or Resume. Make sure your Resume isn’t too long, you want to present yourself in a clear in concise manner. Ask a German friend or someone who already got a job in Berlin for their CV to give you an idea of how to format.

Your Networking Opportunities

Berlin is a tech hub, so there are plenty of events in this area, but other sectors as well.
We can recommend staying well networked in Berlin. Use your tools like & for events. You can find many expats friendly events on Eventbrite. as well.

Social Media

Stay active on Social Media as well. Facebook seems to be a good place for Networking amongst expats, there are plenty of groups available for Expat newcomers. LinkedIn seems to be very hot at the moment, lots of opportunities to Network, find events, and apply for jobs. Stay active on LinkedIn, post content! Our founder, Victoria, is very active on Linked In you can find her profile here: Victoria Messer’s Linked In.

Use Your Resources

The most important resource for finding a job in a start up in Berlin is Berlin Start Up Jobs.. They have great resources for finding jobs like this article about finding a job in Berlin: You can also find jobs in other sectors at

Prepare for Your Interviews

You know to look smart and be yourself already, but make sure you’re prepared for your interviews by asking yourself what the recruiter or HR is going to ask you. Don’t forget to be able to answer questions, that all the stakeholders who are involved with the interview process will pose.

Life Hack

In our experience, once you find get your foot in the door, and gain some experience the process of finding a new job is a bit more-easy. If you are struggling with finding a job, you might want to think about talking to a Career or Life coach. You can find a list of those here:

Viel Spaß, Viel Glück & Viel Erfolg.

Du packst das schon!!!

Your Expat Mgmt Team

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