Most frequent questions and answers

The current berlin housing market has created a somewhat „freeforall“ for illlegal subletting. The first step to getting started in Germany is known as „Anmeldung“ or city registration in English. This is the most crucial step of starting your life in Germany. So, it is of utmost importance that before subletting or booking any kind of temporary hosuing, that you first check with property management company, landlord or current tenant that they are willing to fill out the „Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung“ or Landlord´s Confirmation in English. If they´re not willing to do so, they might be subletting without the knowledge of the owner and that isn´t a situation you want to be in. Not getting registered can lead to delays, in things like opening a bank account, getting your Tax ID Number, or residence permit. If you can´t register there you´re better off searching for another accommodation for your first few months in Berlin.

A common mistake made by newcomers is not paying the german broadcasting fee. Years ago the rule was you only have to pay the fee if you actually had a television at home, but that´s not the case anymore. Every household needs to pay the 17.50 fee per month (paid every three months at 52.50). From the date you register in your new place you are responsible to check the following:

Does someone already pay the GET for this apartment?

If yes, you need to find out their client number and register under theirs. If no one is paying:

You need to sign up yourself and make sure any family members or roommates are regirstered with your client number. If you don´t remember to sign up online your registration will trigger a letter to the agency and you will receive post. Avoiding this is just going to cause stacked up bills and stress in the future. So our reccomendation is to do it right from the beginning! If you need help with this you can contact us.