Temporary Accommodation

Temporary Accommodation Berlin

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 Why is booking a temporary accommodation so important in the relocation process?

 The housing market in Berlin is a Bär – German word for bear – see what we did there? In our experience, it is nearly impossible to find an apartment without already being set up in Berlin. That usually means booking a temporary accommodation so that the expat can get their feet on the ground.

Different Types of Temporary Housing

Furnished Apartments

There are thousands of furnished apartment offers in Berlins. There are different agencies we work with to help you search for the right temporary accommodation. They’re furnished so well, that all you need to bring is yourself, and your toothbrush – towel, sheets, cutlery, and the most important – internet, are all included in the prices of the rent. Most furnished apartments are a minimum rental of 2 to 3 months and the deposit is often two times the rent. They tend to be a bit on the pricy side, because all bill is included. The broadcasting fee is often paid extra by the expat.

Serviced Apartments

This is more like a hotel with a small kitchenette which is especially easy for companies to Berlin to book. There has to be a good budget for this as they can cost anywhere from 1800 to 2500 Euro per month. Most of them issue both Mietschuldenfreiheit and the Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung for Anmeldung. If you don’t know what these documents are please read Anmeldung BerlinFinding a Flat in Berlin

Young Professionals Accommodations

 These are much like service apartments with a focus on the “young professional” they can be usually booked by the week. There are often events, networking, and co-working spaces in the common areas of these accommodations.

Life Hack

Be aware of scams when booking temporary accommodation. We wrote a blog post on this of course. Read more here Rental Market Scams Berlin.

Working with ExpatMgmt can make the difference, book our services please send an e-mail to info@expatmgmt.com.

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