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Things to Do for Berlin Expats

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Most people move to Berlin, because well, it never gets boring. Below you can find some fun things to do in and around Berlin.

 What are some fun things to do in and around Berlin? Where do we take our guests when they visit?

General Things to Do

Movies – If you want to go to the movies in English you can search google for “OmU or OV’ OmU= Original w/ Subtitles (in German) or Original Version (OV) Without

English Theater:
Karaoke @ Mauer Park on Sundays

Mauerpark Flea Market on Sundays


Terrace w/ great view of whole city and nice place for a coffee/beer when the weather is nice.

Lakes/Pools – City Wide

Schloss Sansoucci – Potsdam

Peacock Island – Wannsee

Kann Fahrten in Lübbeanu

You can take the train to Lübbeanu and see that Germany also has it’s own Venice!

Tourism Things

Free Tip Based Walking Tours – Sandemans
They also offer paid tours to the Concentration Camp memorial, Potsdam etc. (Great history tours-Tips based) They are also having free walking tours in most big European cities, NY, and even Israel.

Cheaper Hop on Hop Off Bus

(One way ticket price – free with monthly ticket of course.)

Reichstag Dom – Visiting Germany’s Parliament

 (Free – have to make a reservation)

Park Inn Hotel Terrace

 (4 Euro)

Underground Tour of Former Bunker

Ultimate Berlin Bucket List

We found this list and we have done MOST but not all of them. It’s a good compilation. Thai Park is so cool, but we aren’t sure if they’re open not out in the winter months.

Life Hack

Working with Expat Mgmt can make the difference, our team members have been in Berlin for a very long time, we know all the fun and cool places. We even have some tips for families.  To book our services for orientation please send an e-mail to

Viel Spaß, Viel Glück & Viel Erfolg.

Du packst das schon!!!

Your Expat Mgmt Team


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